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Representing all clients charged with any type of criminal or traffic offense. Our office represents offenders in all contiguous counties and various complex cases in surrounding major cities such as Cincinnati and Cleveland. Our practice handles representing clients in the Federal Courts in the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio, Common Pleas Courts, Municipal Courts, and Mayor’s Courts, on all charges ranging from Capital Murders down to Speeding Tickets.

Providing expert, professional, and efficient services, the Law Office of Mark C. Collins Co LPA satisfies clients regarding end results combined with value of services rendered. Mark C. Collins Law allows clients to receive the best possible outcome in an efficient manner, allowing clients to understand the complex terms of the law, and how it applies to each specific case. Thus, we have a proven track record of being able to alleviate stress and anxiety associated with cases. Our staff communicates with all clients on a regular basis informing each client of educated evaluations and significant decision making concerning the case.

We have a professional staff, which is dedicated to the efficient and ethical representation of all clients. Our staff is committed to being polite, patient, and professional in meeting the needs of future, current, and past clients and their families.

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Mark C. Collins Co. LPA


Mark C. Collins Co. LPA

I am a graduate of the Ivy League school Cornell University, and graduated with a Business Administration degree in 1987. Later I graduated with a 2 year MBA diploma from the State University of New York at Binghamton. I also graduated from Capital Law School in Columbus, Ohio in 1992. From 1993 to 1996 I was Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office. I handled a range of cases, from capital offenses to Juvenile Court appearance. The experience gained from thousands of Grand Jury presentations, and numerous jury trials provide invaluable experience for potential clients.

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Specializing in the Practice of Criminal Law

Our criminal defense expertise range from white collar crimes to capital murder cases, all levels of felonies, OVI defense, domestic violence defense, and misdemeanor defense, juvenile and mayor's court issues.

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